Goose Chicks Podcast

All About the Band Goose

This is a podcast all about the band Goose, the Women fans that love them and the ways the jam-band community is meeting the needs of Women, the LGBTQIA+ community and more. Will we talk about Goose a lot? Definitely, but we’ll also talk about art, connection, consent and what makes the jam-band scene so special.

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The Team

Leslie Mac

Leslie Mac is a long-time podcaster and jam-band aficionado. She previously produced & co-hosted Blackberry Jams presented by Ben & Jerry's, an exploration of the intersections between the band Phish and Black Liberation. She brings a healthy obsession with Goose to the show as well as a genuine love for all the Goose Chicks out there.

Alexius Lipot

Alexius Lipot, from Mt. Airy aka ‘Mayberry’ NC, is an avid travel, art, photography, music & concert lover & connoisseur. She has a wanderlust & has traveled around the world, studying and learning more about how cultures appreciate the different forms of art and how art resonates with each different people.

Hannah Liebreich

Hannah Liebreich grew up with music-enthusiast parents, listening to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Grateful Dead. She’s a long-time fan of the local jam scene in her home state, Ohio, and fell in love with Goose in 2021.

Chelsea Long

Chelsea Long is a lover of live music and, with the discovery of Goose, new to the jam scene. She found Goose at the start of her spiritual awakening and has a deep spiritual connection to their lyrics and meditative jams.