How Music Can Save Your Life

Brendan Slocumb, musician, educator, and author of the upcoming novel The Violin Conspiracy is here to tell you how music can save your life— it certainly saved his.

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Noshing with Nina Kennedy

| S:1 E:2
Noshing with Nina Kennedy

Brendan is joined by the legendary pianist, conductor, filmmaker, and writer Nina Kennedy. They talk about everything from her early years as a prodigal young musician to the importance of making room specifically for Black musicians under the umbrella of "POC in classical music." You do NOT want to miss this.

You can check out Nina's show here, her 2020 memoir "Practicing For Love" here, and her upcoming memoir "Practice What You Preach" here!

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Nina Kennedy is a world-renowned concert pianist, orchestral conductor, and award-winning filmmaker. She gave her first complete piano recital at nine years old, and appeared as piano soloist with the Nashville Symphony playing Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue at age 13. She holds a master's degree from the Juilliard School where she studied with Leonard Bernstein. Kurt Masur acted as her conducting mentor during his tenure as music director with the New York Philharmonic and L'Orchestre National de France. For 12 years she lived and performed in Europe, residing in Vienna, Cologne, and Paris.

She produced and directed the documentary film about her father, former director of the Fisk Jubilee Singers, titled Matthew Kennedy: One Man's Journey, which was selected and screened at international film festivals including the African Diaspora Film Festival in New York, the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, and Nashville's International Film Festival as well as the International Black Film Festival of Nashville. For this film she was awarded the Rosetta Miller Perry prize for "Best Film by a Black Filmmaker" in 2007. Her short films have been selected for screenings at the Berlin International Film Festival, as well as international film festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Jerusalem, London, Munich, Oslo, Philadelphia, and Sydney.

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