Living For We

In 2020, cityLAB of Pittsburgh released a study that ranked Cleveland dead last in terms of livability for Black women. On Living For We, we talk to Cleveland's Black women about their experiences at work, at school, in the doctor's office, and in community with each other in an attempt to answer the question... is Cleveland really as bad as they say it is for Black women?

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E11: That's a Wrap

| S:1 E:11


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E10: Love Language

Living For We | S:1 E:10
Is there anything more beautiful than Black love? From sister-friends and treasured co-workers to devoted husbands and boyfriends, love makes life...
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E9: School Daze

Living For We | S:1 E:9
In the classroom, even the best and brightest of Black women are often encouraged to think small and aim low....
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E8: First and Only

Living For We | S:1 E:8
When a Black woman becomes the first of her kind to receive a high-powered role, it’s a cause for celebration– but how did they get there?...
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E7: Medical Misogynoir Pt. 2

Living For We | S:1 E:7
Cleveland is allegedly a healthcare mecca. There should be an abundance of quality care right here in town, but why can't Black women seem to find...
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