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Engage in thought-provoking discussions on a wide array of philosophical topics, from the timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary debates. Each episode delves into the heart of philosophical concepts, inviting listeners to engage in profound reflections.

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Philosophy Podcasts

Philosophy is a mosaic of diverse perspectives, and we celebrate this richness. Explore episodes that cover a wide array of philosophical traditions, from Eastern philosophies to Western philosophical schools of thought. Immerse yourself in the dialectics of ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics, as we unravel the threads that weave the fabric of philosophical discourse.

Practical Stoicism

Stoicism is the pursuit of Virtue, which was defined by the Ancient Greeks as "the knowledge of how to live excellently". Practical Stoicism takes a practical approach to reviewing, interpreting, and reflecting on ancient texts from both Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus so as to provide you with actionable advice concerning your own personal Stoic journey.
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Practical Stoicism Podcast


Two philosophers have fun reading and explaining profound and famous texts line by line to try to figure out what’s really being said.
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