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Brian Schaffran- Hoping to Inspire Future Mechanics with Skidmark Garage

Brian Schaffran, the owner of Skidmark Garage in Cleveland, Ohio, talks to hosts PJ Doran and Dave Sulecki about building a community with his 10,000 sq. ft garage. The D.I.Y., self-serve garage offers the tools, classes and a lounge (including beer!) for its members. Brian hopes it inspires people to be mechanics, and that more people will join their village.

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Pit Pass Moto Trivia Question:

What film is considered the first real biker movie?

Check out the answer after our interview with Brian Schaffran!


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Did you know…

    • MotoAmerica airs around the world on networks like:
      • Eurosport – Live racing to over 50 countries around the world
      • Fox Sports Asia & Star Sports China – Live Superbike racing to 16 countries in Asia
      • Supersport Africa – Airing MotoAmerica Rewind in 19 sub-Saharan countries in Africa
    • MotoAmerica worldwide viewership has exceeded 7 million already this year?
  • Round #9 without fans at Laguna Seca / Oct 23-25 / Featuring Drag Specialties King of the Baggers & vintage racers in the Heritage Cup
  • All day racing with 5 classes, including Superbikes, Superstock, Stock 1000, Twins Cup, Junior Cup.
  • If you can’t make it in person, there are several ways to watch:
    • MotoAmerica Live+ features all day live streaming starting Friday, Saturday and Sunday, plus video on demand.
    • Live Honos Superbikes airs on Fox Sports – Saturday & Sunday
    • Live Supersport class airs on MAVTV – Saturday & Sunday
    • Then, in the days after race weekend:
      • MotoAmerica Rewind and Junior Cup class on FS2
      • Plus! get the backstory and technology insights on Inside MotoAmerica on NBCSN

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Mathew Scholtz- Westby Racing Rider Enjoying a Successful 2020 Season

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Westby Racing Rider Mathew Scholtz discusses his successful season, which event was his favorite, and tells us if he will be back with Westby in 2021.
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James Rispoli- The Veteran Becoming A Rookie

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Road Race Champion James Rispoli discusses how though he’s a veteran, he may be going for Rookie of the Year in the Super Twins class at the age of 30.
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Rory O'Neall- What's Trending In Vintage Bikes & Racing

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Rory O’Neall fills us in on the trends in vintage racing and what will be the next wave of vintage bikes. He also shares why it’s so important to welcome new riders. 
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Andrew Lee- Stock 1000 Champion Debuting In Superbike at Barber

Pit Pass Moto
Andrew Lee discusses the upcoming race at Barber as a MotoAmerica Franklin Armory Superbike Unlimited rider.
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