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Evergreen Broadens Scope, Welcomes Family-Friendly and Faith-Based Shows Through Converge Acquisition

Evergreen Broadens Scope, Welcomes Family-Friendly and Faith-Based Shows Through Converge Acquisition

Cleveland, OHEvergreen Podcasts (Evergreen), one of the world's largest independent podcast networks, is proud to announce its latest milestone acquisition of Converge Podcast Network (Converge), a premier collection of family-friendly and faith-based podcasts. This strategic move bolsters Evergreen’s commitment to providing inclusive, multifaceted, and enriching content for listeners from all walks of life.

Evergreen continues its trajectory of growth with the acquisition of Converge, marking the fifth and largest acquisition since August 2023. Over this period, Evergreen's monthly downloads have surged by an impressive 106%, underscoring the company's strategic expansion in the podcast industry.

“Even amidst the whirlwind of recent months, we're genuinely excited and deeply honored to welcome Converge Podcast Network into the Evergreen family," exclaimed Michael DeAloia, CEO of Evergreen Podcasts. "We aim to cultivate an inviting and inclusive space for both listeners and podcasters, nurturing authentic connections, fostering personal development, and amplifying voices. The family-friendly and faith-based content of Converge Podcast Network harmonizes seamlessly with our overarching vision.”

Converge Podcast Network is a mission-driven community of unique voices with surprising perspectives. Among the lineup is Theology in the Raw by Preston Sprinkle, a thought-provoking platform that stands out for exploring theological and cultural issues through curious conversations, often with individuals holding opposing views. The Pour Over Podcast informs Christians on worldly events while maintaining a solid spiritual foundation, showcasing the variety of Converges’ faith-driven programs. And shows like Hearing Jesus and Hearing Jesus for Kids, both hosted by Rachael Groll, provide spiritual encouragement to different age groups, while Leadership Lean In with Chad Veach of Zoe Church LA provides practical leadership insights rooted in faith. With a small group of unique voices on rare subjects, the Converge Podcast Network has garnered a loyal following, collectively amassing over a million downloads each month.

Casey Helmick of Content Capital, the selling partner in the acquisition, is pivotal in ensuring ongoing growth and success for Converge. With his wealth of expertise and guidance, Evergreen is strategically positioned to leverage this partnership to its fullest potential, propelling Converge Podcast Network to new heights within the podcasting industry.

“In 2018, we had a core belief that the family-friendly and faith-based podcast content needed a major shake-up.” Noted Helmick. “We started Converge to be a home to the many creators and consumers who were asking themselves, “How does my spirituality and faith converge with my day-to-day life?” Our passion continues into this next phase under Evergreen expertise and leadership, and we hope to reach millions more with inspiring, family-friendly content that touches on life’s most important topics.”

Evergreen is devoted to expanding the network by seeking shows that align with the mission of Converge Podcast Network and collaborating with Content Capital to drive growth. As part of this expansion, Evergreen's The Homemaker’s Club podcast will transition to Converge Podcast Network, marking the first of many new shows to join the network.

"We see tremendous potential in Converge," noted DeAloia. "With Evergreen's support, we anticipate Converge reaching the same scale and download numbers within the next 24 months while retaining its distinct brand identity and commitment to its audience."

Converge will operate as a standalone brand within the Evergreen ethos, benefiting from the company's robust platform, which includes enhanced account management, sales, and marketing support. Evergreen will utilize its expertise in digital media to elevate the Converge website, providing users with an immersive browsing experience. Additionally, Evergreen will collaborate closely with each show's marketing and content creation communities, facilitating connections with relevant advertisers. Listeners can continue to enjoy streaming Converge Podcast Network with new episodes released regularly across various platforms.

Press inquiries: If you'd like to interview Casey Helmick, members from Evergreen Podcasts, or hosts of Converge Podcast Network shows, please contact Samantha Maloy at Evergreen Podcasts.

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