The Spin on Original and Sampled Tracks

Hosts, Joe Watson and Toby Brazwell, connect the musical dots between legendary tracks and the often lesser-known songs they sampled. Uncover how these epic songs borrow from music of the past, enriching the musical landscape for generations to come.

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The Fall Out at Tom’s Diner

| S:1 E:29

You can’t mistake the pipe’s on lead vocalist Patrick Stump, or their head banging, club jamming hits, their two #1 albums (among seven studio albums) or even their ridiculously sensational live shows … which all lead to the mega success of Fall Out Boy in the early 2000’s. Fifteen years later, the pop-punk Gods are still going strong, and we love every skinny-jean-minute of it. Joe & Toby dig into one of FOB’s top hits, “Centuries” (with 346 million Spotify plays) and trace back this tune to a 1990’s indie-folk musician.

What we geek out over in this episode: “Seinfeld” Theme Song, “Saved by the Bell - The College Years”, the Mother of the MP3, Fast Folk Musical Magazine, Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode to Billie Joe” (1967), DNA (band), Soul II Soul “Keep on Movin” (1989), “Tom’s Diner” 2015 remix by Giorgio Moroder ft Britney Spears, Live at Daryl’s House, and the rise of Fall Out Boy.

Bonus Material: Who else sampled Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner"?!? Perhaps Aaliyah? Sean Kingston? Drake? All of the above and more!

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