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CEOs And Talent Acquisition

| E:256

A significant issue that I see time and time again is the disconnect between what CEOs say they want from talent acquisition and what is delivered. Why does this disconnect happen, and what can talent acquisition leaders do to fix it?

To help answer this vitally important question I'm delighted to welcome Jerome Ternynck, CEO of SmartRecruiters back to the show. Jerome has recently written a book on Hiring Success which is aimed at CEOs and illustrates what they need do to compete effectively for the best talent.

In the interview, we discuss:

• What is currently happening in the market and how SmartRecruiters are responding as a company

• The disconnect between what CEOs want from hiring and how talent acquisition is measured

• What does an enterprise need to do to acquire top talent on demand

• What should the main focus be for talent acquisition to drive change

• Rethinking hiring budgets

• AI bias versus human bias

• The future of talent acquisition

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