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Ep 216: Employer Brand Storytelling Strategy

Contact: [email protected]

Employer Brand storytelling is a crucial topic for me, and it has been great to see an increase in the number of employers using the power of stories over the last 18 months.

However realising the true potential of storytelling is only possible by understanding the science behind it and having proper strategies in place for audience segmentation, messaging, medium, format and distribution.

My guest this week is someone who will genuinely accelerate your understanding of how to get results using stories. Miki Johnson is the co-founder of Job Portraits, a San Francisco based employer branding studio focused on helping high growth startups hire more effectively through storytelling.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The evolution of employer branding

• Deep dive storytelling

• A strategic approach to content using UX research tools

• Evidencing EVP through stories

• Tailoring the message to different audience segments

• Medium, Format and Distribution

• When to use video and when not to

Miki also discusses the role of employees as creators and distributors and highlights some great examples of companies producing great content.

If you are interested in getting started with or improving your storytelling, Job Portraits have an Employer Value Proposition Worksheet that can help. Please email [email protected] to get your copy.

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