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Ep 258: Accelerated Change

| E:258

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Crisis situations tend to be significant drivers of long term change. The scale of the crisis we are all currently living through simultaneously across the globe will drive substantial long term change to the way companies think about HR and talent acquisition.

Before I introduce my guest this week, I wanted to point you in the direction of an excellent whitepaper that my good friends at Calgary Communications have produced. While it is challenging to predict the future, the whitepaper looks at the potential long term impact of the pandemic on employer branding in the context of change that has been driven by previous global crises.

Continuing this theme of long term change my guest this week is Martin Glover, HR Director of Scottish legal firm Morton Fraser. In our conversation, we talk about the impact the pandemic is having on the legal industry and what the long term implications are likely to be for communication, HR and talent acquisition.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The challenges of moving from 3 office locations to nearly 300

• Communication, Connection and Culture

• The importance of a strategic approach to wellbeing

• How the legal industry is having to change the way it operates

• How the previously impossible becomes the new normal

• The future for recruiting technology

Calgary Communications Whitepaper

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