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Ep 262: The Speed Of Change

| E:262

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My strategy over the last few weeks has been to bring you content that focuses on the current crisis as well as content that looks ahead to the future. This episode is a hybrid of both.

My guest this week is Matt Jones, Senior Vice President Operations at Cielo. In our wide-ranging conversation, we talk about the impact Cielo is seeing the global pandemic have on the market and how employers are adapting their talent acquisition strategies in these difficult times. We also discuss the long term adoption and implications of AI and recruiting automation.

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

• What Cielo is currently seeing in the market

• How employers are using technology to adapt

• What distress technology purchases are always the best decisions

• Does technology fix or amplify bias?

• What lessons can we learn from employers who are currently using AI and Automation effectively

• Bringing point solutions into a working ecosystem

• Why do we still rely on resumes / CVs and will this ever change

• The impact of the pandemic crisis on the gig economy

• The future role of the recruiter

• The importance of putting experience first.

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