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Ep 270: Talent Sustainability Index

| E:270

Covid-19 has changed the way we work; in many ways, it may well have changed the way we work forever. One really interesting question is how we might be able to use this momentum of change to help solve the more protracted crisis we face from the global climate emergency?

My guest this week is global talent acquisition leader Paul Maxin. A few weeks ago Paul wrote an article Recruiter magazine in the UK about the concept of a talent sustainability index which would allow talent acquisition leaders to be more proactive in helping business respond to the threat of climate change.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The acceleration of digital transformation

• That increased importance of recruitment marketing and employer branding

• The concept of a Talent Sustainability Index

• What will the index measure?

• The lasting impact of the pandemic on business outcomes

• The opportunity for Talent Acquisition to be proactive and drive the agenda

• Will, the process and technology changes, driven in talent acquisition by the pandemic last in the long term?

• What should Talent Acquisition leaders be doing right now

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