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Ep 273: Reimagining Talent Acquisition

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The seismic shocks of 2020 continue to come hard and fast and are undoubtedly driving a dramatic change in focus for talent acquisition teams all over the world. So how are talent acquisition leaders dealing with this and what are their key points of focus as we move forward?

My guest this week is Annie Rihn, VP of Recruiting at Zillow. In our conversation, Annie talks about the pivoting and prioritising Zillow is currently undertaking in talent acquisition and gives her thoughts on what the future might look like

In the interview, we discuss:

• Pivoting and prioritising

• Listening, learning and taking action against racism

• Developing approaches to internal mobility

• The importance of candidate experience

• The scale and sustainability of virtual hiring and onboarding

• Building a virtual culture

• Optimising the recruiting technology tech stack

• Employer Brand

• Measuring the metrics that matter

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