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Ep 290: Employer Branding in 2020

| E:290

One of the topics we were talking about back in March was what effect the pandemic would have on the way employers have to think about the employer brand.

It's now the middle August and employer brand is something many employers having to consider carefully against a backdrop of mass layoffs and industries that may be changed forever by what is happening.

My guest this week is Kristen Weirick who, until very recently, was Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Chief Diversity Officer at United Airlines. The global airline industry has taken a hammering in the last few months, and Kristen shares her valuable insights into what employers should be doing during these challenging times.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The impact of COVID on the airline industry

• Re-imagining processes and capability building

• Why the way companies behave now will have employer brand implications for years to come.

• Making difficult decisions in a transparent way

• What should employers be doing to ensure their employer brand is in the best possible place

• Diversity and Inclusion at an inflection point

• What are the likely long term changes for talent acquisition and how will these affect the TA teams of the future

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