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Ep 291: The Extended Workforce

| E:291

We have been talking about the rise of the gig economy for several years now but perhaps not properly considering its full implications. The labour market is now reshaping itself rapidly, and there are clear signs that many employers are looking at developing an extended workforce that is task-focused rather than focusing on headcount. The impacts of talent acquisition, talent management, and employer branding are significant, and the role of technology will be crucial.

My guest this week is Jens Audenaert Division Vice President / General Manager for WorkMarket at ADP. ADP has been doing a considerable amount of research into the nuances of the extended workforce, and Jens has some valuable insights to share

In the interview, we discuss:

• The challenges employers are facing in 2020

• Leveraging and extended flexible workforce

• How employers can future proof themselves

• How do employer branding strategy need to adapt in the face of a changing labour market

• Total Talent Management, Total Talent Acquisition, and Total Talent Brand

• The logistics of managing an extended workforce

• The role of technology

• Ways the workforce will evolve in the coming years.

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