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Ep 306: World Class Talent Acquisition

| E:306

As we move towards 2021, it's increasingly evident that a paradigm shift is taking place in talent acquisition. Forced remote hiring has added rocket fuel to technology adoption, and the deep recession is driving new strategic thinking around purpose, people and process. So what does world class talent acquisition now look like and what kind of competitive advantages does it bring.

My guest this week is Harry Osle, Principal and CHRO at The Hackett Group. The Hackett Group is a strategic consultancy which benchmarks best practice within enterprises, and Harry has some unique research-driven insights to share on talent acquisition and the future of work.

In the interview, we discuss:

• How the pandemic has put HR front and centre

• Workplace, Workspace and Workmates

• Productivity in the new world of work

• The impact on Talent Acquisition

• Increased digitalisation and digital transformation

• Why world class companies are able to spend less on a per hire basis

• Driving value by keeping hires longer

• Practical advice on how to be world class at talent acquisition

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