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Ep 322: The Transformation Of Careers Sites

| E:322

Careers Sites continue to be a much-neglected aspect of recruitment marketing. The fact that they receive so little attention has always been a pet hate of mine. Careers Sites are critical. They are also being required to do more heavy lifting than ever before, with the ever-increasing levels of interest employers are getting in their open jobs, ongoing talent shortages in specific markets and the need to showcase effective, authentic employer brands.

So what can employers do to make their careers sites fit for purpose? My guest this week is Bas Van de Haterd, a consultant and leading global expert on careers site. Bas publishes some annual research in this area and has some hugely valuable insights to share.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ How the market has developed

▪ What makes a good careers site

▪ The importance of total experience

▪ Why you shouldn't let your ATS dictate your application experience

▪ Careers Site Systems and middleware

▪ Who is doing this well?

▪ What to focus on first

▪ The future of careers sites

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