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Ep 328: Authentic Hiring

Over the last six months, we have talked a lot about transformation in talent acquisition with a large number of employers working hard to reinvent their strategies to meet the new challenges they face.

So what does great talent acquisition now look like in 2021? Well, that's a question I'll be focusing on a lot in the coming weeks and months.

My guests this week are Rona Anhalt, and Ed Nathanson, the Chief People Officer and VP of Talent and Talent Branding at disruptive pharmaceutical startup EQRx. Since their launch early last year, EQRx has done fantastic work in talent branding and talent acquisition and really is a benchmark for what hiring strategies should now look like.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ How EQRx is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry

▪ The challenges of scaling up talent acquisition in a pandemic

▪ Building a purpose driven culture

▪ Diversity, Equality, Fairness and Inclusion

▪ Culture add over culture fit.

▪ Superpowers

▪ Being bold with talent branding

▪ The power of people stories and authentic interviews

▪ Candidate experience as the ultimate differentiator

▪ What they will be focusing on in the next 12 months

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