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Ep 333: Automation, Simplicity and Experience

The events of 2020 / 2021 will shape how talent acquisition operates for years, especially when it comes to recruiting automation. In the past automation in recruiting has often been dismissed as impersonal and ineffective. However, as technology has developed and strategies have changed the immense value and inevitability of automation is becoming clear.

My guest this week is Jeff Uden, Head of Talent for UK supermarket, Iceland. Like all frontline food retailers, Iceland has faced some unprecedented talent acquisition challenges during the pandemic. Jeff gives us an insight into the innovations these challenges have driven, and Iceland's successful use of automation to radical enhance both the candidate and hiring manager experience.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ The challenge of hiring 5,500 people in 8 weeks

▪ Maximising simplicity and efficiency in the recruiting process

▪ The critical importance of candidate experience

▪ Automation with a human touch

▪ Keeping hiring managers empowered

▪ Return on investment from technology

▪ Change management and stakeholder engagement

▪ The future of talent acquisition at Iceland

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