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Ep 341: Culture Fit Doesn't Exist

An area that has been of genuine interest to me recently has been company culture and how some of the core ways we used to think about it are being disrupted. Remote working has meant companies are having to think much harder about how they work and showcasing their culture during the recruiting process has become a real challenge. Another significant area of debate has been the use of culture fit as an assessment criteria and whether culture fit even exists.

My guest this week is Bret Putter, CEO of Culture Gene and author of several books on company culture. Brett spends a significant amount of his time researching corporate cultures with a strong recent focus on companies that were already working remotely before the pandemic. He has some very valuable insights to share on what company culture now means in our much disrupted times.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ The definition of culture

▪ The culture challenges of remote working

▪ Best practices of remote-first organisations

▪ Asynchronous communication

▪ Why there is no such thing as culture fit

▪ How can employers leverage culture in a virtual recruitment process?

▪ What long time changes are we likely to see post-pandemic

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