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Ep 356: Talent Engagement

Building and engaging with talent pipelines has been something we have been discussing for years, but it has always surprised that there are so few employers who do it well and even fewer that do it over extended periods. Technology, recruiting and communication have evolved significantly over the last two years, opening up opportunities for companies to devise very sophisticated pipelining and engagement strategies to help address resourcing challenges such as diversity hiring and skill shortages.

So who is doing this well, and how are they doing it?

My guest this week is Jason Boone, Diversity & Military Outreach Leader at Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin has a long-term talent pipeline strategy that sees them engage some communities of talent for 3 to 8 years before hiring.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ The recruiting challenges at Lockheed Martin

▪ Investing in the emerging workforce

▪ Long term engagement strategies to increase diversity

▪ The role of time and touchpoints in building the brand, creating relationships, driving efficiency and improving offer acceptance

▪ Content strategies

▪ Time focused candidate-centric resources.

▪ The most surprising hiring success

▪ The role of technology

▪ Pushing talent across the enterprise

▪ Mashing up strategies and technologies

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