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Ep 365: Engagement In Executive Recruiting

One of the topics I get asked to cover frequently is the growth of the corporate executive recruiting function. So with that in mind, I've partnered with ESIX, The Executive Search Information Exchange, to bring you a series of three interviews exploring the key trends and issues in corporate executive recruiting.

In the previous two episodes, we looked at the evolution of corporate executive recruiting and what employers should be doing to improve the diversity of their executive teams. For the final interview in this short series, I'm talking to Eric Goldstein, Global Head of Executive Talent Attraction at SAP. We discuss how long term talent engagement is starting to play a more significant role in executive recruiting, the growth of data-driven decision making and what the future might look like.

▪ Topics covered in the interview:

▪ Hyper competitive talent markets

▪ Proactive executive talent engagement

▪ Engaging at scale and offboarding conversations quickly.

▪ Involving hiring managers effectively

▪ Unbiasing assessment

▪ Measuring quality of hire

▪ Onboarding, integration and accountability

▪ Lessons learned around improving diversity.

▪ What is the future of corporate executive recruiting

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