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Ep 369: Recruitment Content Marketing

A quick public service announcement, I'm going to be taking a short podcasting break, and the next episode won't be live until the end of August. I'm in the final stages of finishing my latest book Digital Talent which I'm writing once again in collaboration with Mervyn Dinnen, and I need a couple of weeks to entirely focus on getting the final draft finished and over to the publisher. Obviously, this is an excellent chance for you to catch up with any recent episodes you might have missed, available as ever wherever you get your podcasts and also fully searchable on podcast will return before August is out, and I have some really inspiring content lined up for the next few months and beyond.

So on with the show. Talent markets are a challenge globally, and talent markets for high-quality digital talent are particularly challenging at the moment. At times like these, recruitment marketing becomes mission-critical, and content that genuinely engages with the target audience brings a competitive advantage.

My guest this week is Keren Halperin, VP of People at Tel Aviv based startup Swimm. Keren has considerable experience scaling digital teams in the most challenging talent markets and some brilliant insights to share on using high-quality content to turbocharge recruitment marketing.

In the interview, we discuss:

• Dealing with a challenging talent market

• What motivates developers to move jobs

• Extending channels of connection

• Types of content

• Messaging that resonates

• Respect and transparency

• What makes a high-quality candidate experience

• Advice to TA leaders

• Predictions for the next 12-18 months

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