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Ep 381: People First Automation

Recruiting automation via conversational AI is proving to be an effective way to help solve some of the unique challenges in today's talent markets. But how are employers actually using it, what benefits are they getting, and how do they manage the balance between humans and machines.

My guest this week is Victor Gaines, Senior Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Aveanna Healthcare. Aveanna has been using automation technology to vastly increase efficiencies in its recruiting process. Victor has some exceptional advice and insights to share on choosing and implementing technology, as well as some fascinating thoughts around the future of recruiting.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Talent acquisition challenges in the home care market

  • Working at scale when speed is a critical issue

  • The role of technology in creating internal and external efficiencies

  • Building an engaging candidate experience with automation

  • Being people first

  • Balancing technology and humans

  • Advice to TA leaders on evaluating and buying technology

  • What to look for in vendor partners

  • Screening people in rather than ruling them out

  • The future of recruiting

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