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Ep 397: Digital Leadership

Digital transformation remains a crucial issue for most organisations. The pandemic has exponentially accelerated the pace of change, with companies scrambling to supply products and services to meet the demands of our increasingly digital economy.

The need for digital skills and continuing issues of gender diversity are two of the implications for talent acquisition. TA leaders must have a strong understanding of the evolving digital landscape.

My guest this week is Bev White, CEO of Harvey Nash. Harvey Nash have a long starting reputation for providing market intelligence via their annual CIO survey. This year the research has been refocused as the Digital Leadership Report. Bev has important insights to share around the role of talent in the future development of the digital economy.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • The background to the Digital Leadership Report
  • Key findings
  • Who are the digital leaders within organisations?
  • The unacceptably slow growth in the increase of females in digital leadership positions
  • The rise of flexible and hybrid working and why this is cause for optimism
  • What can employers do to improve gender diversity?
  • Creating systemic, sustainable change
  • Are digital skill shortages holding back growth?
  • Investing in apprenticeships
  • The vital importance of reskilling
  • Opening up new talent pools via remote working
  • How is recruiting evolving, and what role is technology playing
  • What can we expect in 2022

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