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Ep 402: Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

So that was the year that was 2021. As we move into 2022, the seismic changes of the last 12 months have certainly given us a lot to reflect on. The Great Resignation, the AI revolution in talent acquisition, the redefinition of the workplace, the continued depth of focus on DE&I, the list is as long as is it significant. It is impossible to make predictions, but I think it's fair to say that 2022 is potentially even more significant as employers find new ways of dealing with the considerable talent challenges they face.

So what should we expect, and how do we process what has happened? I'm delighted to welcome Lars Schmidt back to the podcast as my last guest of 2021. Lars runs Amplify Talent, a boutique agency, HR leader development platform, and community that sits at the centre of the redefinition of HR. Lars is a passionate curator and facilitator of insights from some of the world's most innovative CHROs and is the perfect person to help us reflect and prepare for 2022.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • What positives should we take from 2021

  • When emergency measures drive long term changes

  • The opportunity to redefine the nature of work

  • Moving from Synchronous to asynchronous in communication and collaboration

  • What are the most innovative employers doing, and which CHROs are leading from the front?

  • What is changing in talent acquisition

  • Compelling value propositions

  • Preboarding and onboarding

  • Increasing talent mobility and fluidity
  • The Metaverse and Web3

  • The future for hybrid working

  • Hopes for 2022

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