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Ep 432: Long Term Trends

After over two years of unprecedented disruption, it has become evident that things have changed forever. However, many employers are still attempting to stick with the talent acquisition and employee experience strategies they had before the pandemic.

So what are the dangers of behaving as if nothing has changed, and how should companies now set their strategies for the long term?

My guest this week is Amanda Black, Director of Inclusive Search at Good Works Consulting. Amanda has wide-ranging experience in talent acquisition and DE&I and has some expert insights to share on the long term impact of The Great Resignation.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • A disrupted talent market

  • Shifts in the employer/employee model

  • Revealing inequalities in the system

  • Permanently changed expectations

  • Long term solutions and The Great Opportunity

  • How successful employers are shifting their employee experience

  • Modelling and demonstrating values

  • Are companies taking DE&I seriously?

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