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Ep 437: Improving Speed & Quality

The one theme that has come over very clearly in the conversations I've had with talent acquisition professionals in the last 12 months is the relationship between speed and quality in the hiring process.

Speed is currently a competitive advantage which means many employers are focusing intensely on speeding up their hiring process. However, quality of experience and quality of hire are still critical, so how do you speed up talent acquisition and improve quality at the same time.

Earlier this year, Mervyn Dinnen and I joined forces with the team at Metaview to work on a piece of research to see if we could answer this question. We spoke to employers who are successfully improving both speed and the quality of the talent acquisition to distil the mindset, strategies and tactics they are using to solve this complex challenge.

We recently published the results in a whitepaper, and I'm delighted to welcome Germaine Yokoyama-Heiliger to the show to discuss the findings. Germaine is a People Experience and Operations consultant who was previously Chief People Officer at several high growth tech companies. She was one of the people we interviewed during the research, and she has some very valuable perspectives to share.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • The current state of the market and the background to the research

  • Can you increase speed and improve quality at the same time?

  • How difficult is it to overhaul the recruiting process?

  • Being ready to hire and running a great process

  • The importance of talent management

  • Talent intelligence and data

  • Being transparent and legitimate

  • Partnering with leadership

  • Human to human interaction

  • Using technology to understand what works, what doesn't work and what training is needed

  • What does the future look like

Download the full report here

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