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Future Live: AI & Candidate Experience

Back in April, I ran a live podcast conference on the future of talent acquisition in partnership with the team at TA Tech. We had ten excellent speakers across five topic sessions, and I'm delighted to be able to bring you the content to you as a series of podcasts. I've released these every Friday for the last few weeks and really hope you have been enjoying them.

The last episode in this series looks at the future of AI & the candidate experience. This is a wide-ranging topic, and I was delighted to have two guests who come at it from different angles, Diane Circo, VP of US Talent Acquisition at Siemens and James Saunders, CEO of Attrax. You'll also hear briefly from Peter Weddle from TA Tech at the end as we bring the event to a close

In the conversation, we discuss:

▪ How the pandemic is changing candidate expectations

▪ Being flexible and responsive

▪ The advantages of Career Site Systems

▪ Human moments of impact in the balance between AI and recruiters

▪ Data & intelligence

▪ Innovation in automation

▪ Strategic segmentation

▪ What will the recruiting process look like in two years?

▪ Advice to employers on designing the candidate experience of the future

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