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Future Live: Recruitment Marketing

Back in April, I ran a live podcast conference on the future of talent acquisition in partnership with the team at TA Tech. We had ten excellent speakers across five topic sessions, and I'm delighted to now be able to bring the content to you as a series of podcasts. I'll be releasing these every Friday for the next five weeks, so if you don't want to miss them, make sure you have subscribed to the show.

First up is our session on the future recruitment marketing featuring Allyn Bailey from Intel and Chris Forman from Appcast. This was a really lively debate with a big focus on the current inversion we are seeing in the talent market and the transformative effect it is likely to have on recruitment marketing.

In the conversation, we discuss:

▪ The inverted job market and the change it might drive in recruitment marketing.

▪ What is driving the change in job seeker behaviour?

▪ A critical need to think differently

▪ Precision targeting and segmentation

▪ Recruitment marketers need to be technology wizards.

▪ The rise of the dedicated recruitment marketing function

▪ Autonomous matching

▪ What recruitment marketing will look like in two years

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