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Ep 335: Neurodiversity

| E:335

Back in 2019, I interviewed Theo Smith about Neurodiversity at work. At the time, I didn't have much of an understanding of Neurodiversity, and it was great to learn from Theo about the challenges neurodivergent people face in the workplace, what employers can do to support them and the enormous benefits this support would bring to everyone.

Theo has since teamed up with Professor Amanda Kirby, and they are about to publish a book on Neurodiversity at Work. A couple of weeks ago, I caught up with them to find out more about the book and what talent acquisition professionals can be doing to be more inclusive in recruiting and assessment.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ What is Neurodiversity

▪ How do we get the best out of everyone at work?

▪ Cognitive strengths and cognitive struggles

▪ Spiky profiles

▪ Unrealistic job descriptions

▪ Focusing on what people can do rather than what they can't do

▪ Making interviews and assessment more inclusive

▪ How will work change post-pandemic

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