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Raise the Stakes

You know your employer brand is important. I know your employer brand is important. And there are probably a few other people in your company who would agree. But a lot of people see investment in employer brand as a vanity project, as a fluffy-bunny nice-to-have project and not the crucial element in hiring success we know it is. You might be inclined to try and fly under the radar to get your work done, but a better strategy might be to show everyone how crucial employer brand really is. You could elevate the problem in order to drive interest and attention to the project. It's a tightrope to walk, but doing it right opens the door to resources, influence and a better seat at the table. So it's time to raise the stakes.

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How to Work With Recruiters

In this episode, we get nitty gritty on building great relationships with recruiters to be the best possible advocates for you and your employer branding.
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The Modular Employer Brand

The mistake in employer branding is to treat the brand as monolithic, as a single tagline repeated until you are blue in the face.
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The Three Minds of Employer Branding

In the beginning, many of us saw (and our bosses saw) employer branding as "stuff that needed to get done and solved." But as we solved issues, we started asking, "is this the right problem to solve?" and "how can we solve this issue so it never happens again?"
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Employer Bran, Fast and Slow

Most employer brand professionals and practitioners or driven (and often pushed) to solve immediate problems, the kind that have immediate impacts, the kind others can see.
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