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Through stories of the gutsiest founders and Rainemakers around the globe, you will learn tips, hacks, and words of wisdom to help you grow and thrive along your personal journey. Hosted by Nova Lorraine.

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Lisa Durupt has taken her art and dance background to new heights in the world of film and television over the years. Now, she is a network favorite on the Hallmark Channel and has spread her wings as producer and Founder of Tricities Film Studio. Lisa is also known for her roles in Supernatural and Preggoland the film.

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The 12 Minute Athlete, Krystra Stryker

In college, Krystra Stryker had the courage to try something athletic for the first time in her life. This led to her growing the hugely successful 12-Minute Athlete fitness brand for the person on the go!
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A Sit Down with Adam McArthur, Founder of Booth & Bus Co.

Adam brings wit and fun to his candid conversation of balancing an acting career, including doing voiceover for Disney’s Star vs. Forces of Evil, Netflix’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the gaming world in Final Fantasy along with running a business.
Listen to A Sit Down with Adam McArthur, Founder of Booth & Bus Co.

About Raine Magazine

Launched in 2007, Raine Magazine is the brainchild of award winning designer, Nova Lorraine, M.A.

Nova, armed with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, decided to use authentic storytelling to inspire creatives to never give up on their dreams. For the past 12 years, Raine has focused on discovering tomorrow’s stars in fashion, culture and technology.

Raine has featured many along their journey, prior to their names becoming household brands.

These Rainemakers include: Kendall Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, Daymond John, Ben Carson,
and Mark Cuban just to name a few.

Raine is centered around discovery, creativity and entrepreneurship.
It has grown into a multimedia platform committed to the growth of rising brands.

Join the creative movement and make it Raine!

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Holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Award-winning Fashion Designer, Author, and Founder and Editor in Chief of Raine Magazine.

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