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Discover how to survive the journey of creative entrepreneurship

Through stories of the gutsiest founders and Rainemakers around the globe, you will learn tips, hacks, and words of wisdom to help you grow and thrive along your personal journey. Hosted by Nova Lorraine.

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Latest Episode

Power of Imagination

Listen to Nova chat with Goddess Smith – a TEDx speaker, author of the

award-winning book ‘The Period Party’ and creative entrepreneur.

They talk about the power of imagination and how to attract our dreams!

The episode also covers how to manifest and use the powers we were

born with!

Imagination, Co-manifestation, and Dreams.

How to achieve our dreams?

Attracting what belongs to us.

Powers we were born with.

Using imagination as a kid and how that affects us now.

Celebrating and looking at support systems for achieving success.

Womanhood and excelling our life to where we want it to be.

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Launched in 2007, Raine Magazine is the brainchild of award winning designer, Nova Lorraine, M.A.

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These Rainemakers include: Kendall Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, Daymond John, Ben Carson,
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Raine is centered around discovery, creativity and entrepreneurship.
It has grown into a multimedia platform committed to the growth of rising brands.

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Holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Award-winning Fashion Designer, Author, and Founder and Editor in Chief of Raine Magazine.