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Susan Borison and Stephanie Silverman, best friends and co-founders of Your Teen Media, are bringing their magazine to life. From interviews with the experts and authors to discussions of trending topics and personal stories, Your Teen with Sue and Steph is an essential guide to raising teens today.

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Creating a Resilient College Freshman

Taking your teen’s mental health temperature is one of the most crucial (and challenging) parts of living separately. How do we give them space in all the right ways? Resilience expert Dr. Debi Gilboa joins Sue and Steph to discuss how best to handle your teen’s transition into college life, boundaries and all.

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Your Teen "Post-Covid"

Your Teen with Sue and Steph
Grieving all the personal milestones that were missed throughout lockdown over the past year and a half is a doozy, especially for teens and their parents.
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Change Isn’t Comfortable

Your Teen with Sue and Steph
Diversity and equity educator Eva Vega-Olds joins Sue and Steph to talk parenting our teens through challenging conversations.
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Father and Son Unfiltered

Your Teen with Sue and Steph
It’s not every day that you get to hear candid conversation between a father and his teenage son.
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The Self-Driven Child

Your Teen with Sue and Steph
Learning how to independently process and regulate stressors is an integral part of becoming a happy, confident, and functioning adult.
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