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Destination→ College

Today, we have a very special episode featuring some the experts that will be joining us for Destination→ College: A Comprehensive Course for Navigating the College Process, a summit of at Your Teen Media. It’s an 8-week virtual series starting on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 7:30 PM EST and you are cordially invited to attend!

Find out more details about panelists and registration details by clicking here!

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Wondering with Kelly Corrigan

Your Teen with Sue and Steph
Kelly Corrigan has written four New York Times bestselling memoirs in the last fifteen years, including The Middle Place, Lift, Glitter and Glue, and Tell Me More.
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Found In Transition

Your Teen with Sue and Steph
Feeling competent in supporting your transgender child through their coming out or transition is deeply uncharted territory for most parents.
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Pandemic Winter Survival Guide

Your Teen with Sue and Steph
How can we best support our families, our partners, and ourselves throughout the coming months?
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When You Get Racial Justice "Wrong"

Your Teen with Sue and Steph
For many parents of teenagers, conversations centering around racial justice, police violence, and inherent bias can become interpersonal powder kegs— and quickly.
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