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When Your Kid Hates You

There’s nothing that stings quite as bitterly as being on the receiving end of your teen’s brutal attitude. How are you supposed to react when your kid tells you that they hate you? Dr. Suzanne Schneps joins us to explore how we can work through these ultra-challenging moments.

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More about Dr. Schneps (from her website):

As a clinical psychologist who has been in practice over 30 years, my work encompasses the total age spectrum from 0 to 80 plus. I view that there are four distinct age groups that encourage differences in focus and style. Children, teens, adults, and older senior citizens each have their own set of needs that result from their stage in life. I believe that each person and family needs a plan that is tailored made to meet their own needs. There is not one plan that suits all and one style of work that meets each person’s needs. Before treatment begins, an evaluation will be done to create a treatment plan. An evaluation is just that: what are the issues and what is the plan to meet the given defined current needs. All plans, however, need continual evaluation and need to change as growth occurs in treatment and life events alter plans and needs.

I provide individual, family, parent guidance, couples, and group therapy. Work with children often involves a combination of talking/listening therapy and play/art/horticulture therapy. Therapy varies from crisis intervention, to short term treatment to long term psychotherapy. I subscribe to an eclectic, practical approach.

Adoption, divorce, life cycle changes, depression, anxiety, school related challenges, work struggles, relationships, health related issues, grief, and personal growth are among the many areas that I often help clients to cope with in therapy. As a person explores various topics in treatment, frequently other concerns are raised and discussed.

Treatment involves the establishment of a comfortable therapeutic relationship. Clients are encouraged to share what helps them to be at ease and fosters their sharing more easily of themselves. I value my work with my clients, learn from them, enjoy them, and work to continually find a way to support their growth.

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