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Hosted by top 5 banking and fintech influencer, Jim Marous, Banking Transformed highlights the challenges facing the banking industry. Featuring some of the top minds in business, this podcast explores how financial institutions can prepare for the future of banking.

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Principles of Becoming an Algorithmic Leader

Digital transformation is not as much about technology as it is about the leadership and cultural changes that are required to respond to a new business paradigm. In his latest book, The Algorithmic Leader, Mike Walsh shares insights and actionable strategies for leaders to make better decisions at a time of disruption. Mike is brilliant at challenging leaders in all industries to think and act differently than they have in the past. He understands the intersection of technology and human intelligence, and clearly defines what a winning organization will look like in the future.

As CEO of Tomorrow, Mike travels over 300 days a year researching trends, advising leaders and presenting keynote presentations to large and small groups. I had the pleasure of seeing Mike speak recently at an event, and his ability to synthesize the core principles of personal transformation that are needed for the future were both exciting and a bit unnerving. In this episode, Mike will discuss digital transformation, leadership, culture and the future of work.

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Closing the Gender Gap in Banking and Fintech

Banking Transformed
Neha Mehta, founder of Femtech Partners, discusses some of the challenges women face in getting an equal opportunity for funding, having a seat at the management table, working at start-ups, and having the ability to create solutions geared to the female market.
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Delighting Customers by Removing Friction from Banking

Banking Transformed
Author Roger Dooley shares how behavioral science can help identify and eliminate the friction that can destroy a customer experience.
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Building a Culture of Innovation in Times of Crisis

Banking Transformed
Sanat Rao, Chief Business Officer and Global Head of Infosys Finacle, discusses the findings of our Retail Banking Innovation 2020 Digital Banking Report.
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Banking Can't Ignore The GenZ Potential

Banking Transformed
Jason Dorsey, president of the Center for Generational Kinetics and the foremost leader in the understanding of the Gen Z consumer, shares insights from his most recent global research that is featured in his new book, Zconomy, How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business – And What to Do About It.
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