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Hosted by top 5 banking and fintech influencer, Jim Marous, Banking Transformed highlights the challenges facing the banking industry. Featuring some of the top minds in business, this podcast explores how financial institutions can prepare for the future of banking.

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The Importance of a Challenger Mindset

What makes a fintech firm or challenger bank different from a legacy financial institution? Is it the products offered or the digital platform? Or is it deeper than that?

In discussions with dozens of fintech organizations as part of this podcast, I believe there is a completely different mindset at most fintech firms. What I have also found is that this ‘challenger mindset’ doesn’t need to exist only at new firms. It must be the foundation for any successful organization.

We are very fortunate to have Eric Fulwiler, Chief Commercial Officer at 11:FS and previous executive director of VaynerMedia in London on the Banking Transformed podcast . We will discuss what it means to have a challenger mindset and why it is more important today than at any time in the past.

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The way we move money is changing. We want to send money in real-time—to the other side of the world. We want everything in one place, integrated, seamless and on our devices. Embedded, fast, standardized, frictionless and secure. These are our Financial Futures.

The Financial Futures podcast by FIS explores fintech innovation and the trends that are already transforming the way the world pays, banks and invests...across the globe. And the mechanisms we’ll need to prosper in this brave new landscape. Is the world’s technology up to the challenge? Are we? Find Financial Futures on your favorite podcasting app.

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