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Make Your Mark: Cast Your Vote For New Disturbed Cover Art

Make Your Mark: Cast Your Vote For New Disturbed Cover Art

In January, Evergreen acquired the spine-chilling podcast Disturbed: True Horror Stories, adding to our Killer Podcast Network of true crime gems. If you missed the details, catch them here: Disturbed: A Sinister Addition.

The popular and long-running show is a perfectly sinister addition to our lineup, boasting a concept that’s both excitingly creepy and refreshingly unique. Disturbed seamlessly integrates into our network, and we’re well aware of its large, loyal fan base. While we are no Chad Himmelspach, rest assured, we are here to cater to you, the dedicated Disturbed listener.

Since taking the reins, we’ve been hard at work to make improvements where we can while staying true to the original vision. We’ve introduced a diverse cast of voice actors and ramped up our focus on sound design to amplify the storytelling. We are now working on design; you might have noticed new episodic art in recent weeks.

Admittedly, it’s taking us some time to catch up to where Chad left. Still, we’re committed to delivering the bone-chilling tales you know and love, snatched from the depths of the internet.

Apple Initiatives

In our efforts to illuminate our incredible network, we’re on a mission to update and resubmit the artwork for our shows on the Apple Podcasts app, including Disturbed. However, during our submissions, we hit a snag. Apple updated its guidelines with the release of iOS 17 in Fall 2023, introducing more explicit directives on acceptable podcast artwork. Apple's guidelines now strictly prohibit violent imagery such as knives and blood splatters. Unfortunately, our current art falls afoul of these guidelines, necessitating adjustments to comply with their regulations.

Cover Art Contest

We are revising the cover art to ensure eligibility for promotion on Apple Podcasts. Your involvement in this process is crucial. We want you to be part of this journey every step of the way because this show is ultimately for you, and your input is invaluable. Our design team has been working tirelessly to craft some fantastic options, and we’ve narrowed it down to four pieces. We aim to keep the horror front and center, just as always.

We invite you to cast your vote for your favorite design. Head over to Patreon.com/disturbedpodcast to vote. Voting is FREE; you do not need to be a paid member to make your mark, but you do need to vote on Patreon to be heard. Choose your favorite, and feel free to add your thoughts in the comments to discuss the options.

It's been fun taking the helm of this show, and we're immensely grateful for your unwavering support of both the podcast and our Patreon. We look forward to continuing to deliver spine-tingling podcasts for your enjoyment.

And remember: Stay Safe Out There!

Update: Fans Voted

The results are in! Here is the official new cover art for Disturbed: True Horror Stories! We give our thanks for all who contributed to this branding project!

About Disturbed: True Horror Stories

Welcome to Disturbed, where true terror reigns supreme. Prepare for a riveting journey into the darkest corners of human existence as we delve into bone-chilling tales of kidnappings, serial killers, and the very essence of your worst nightmares coming to life. Each episode is a descent into the macabre, where we unravel the sinister threads of real-life horror sourced from the depths of the internet. Join us as we navigate disturbing narratives that offer a raw and unfiltered look into the most terrifying aspects of the human experience. Enter at your own risk and let the unsettling tales unfold in the haunting realm of Disturbed.

Dive right in with this recent episode, Strangers in the Night

  • The first story unfolds in a trailer park near Nashville, where a group of siblings and their disabled mother find their peace disturbed by a creepy stranger lurking in their neighborhood.

  • The second story features a security guard at a hotel with a dark history frequented by children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Strange occurrences during his night shifts, including distorted faces in windows and sinister whispers, plunge him into a terrifying ordeal.

  • In the final story, a group of friends residing in a large house experiences a series of unsettling events, culminating in a chilling encounter with a man pressing his face against their window. Despite their calls to the police, they find themselves helpless in the face of inexplicable terror.

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