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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We've all had enough.

Enough of the “unprecedented.

Enough talk of the New Normal.

We’re all filled up on social distancing—our inboxes are up to here with New Year’s tough-year tidings.

Oh, that 2020. Enough.

So, we are taking a different tack. (You knew we wouldn’t say pivot.)

We’re anticipating a refresh in the New Year, and before we turn the calendar page, we’re taking time to highlight the most hopeful, surprising, memorable and even laugh-out-loud podcast outtakes of 2020. We’ll also share a bit about what’s on the horizon for Evergreen in 2021.

Strap in.

Cheers to a safe, celebratory New Years—and thank you for joining us for a bit of fun before we ring in 2021.

Sports Channel Kicks off Soon

At the beginning of the year, Pit Pass Moto was our only sports podcast. Now four others have joined the network, and we’re excited to announce the launch of our new sports channel! Two more shows will be joining the network in early 2021.

Cleveland and Beyond

Andy Billman and Jarid Watson talk Cleveland sports and more. Tune in for opinion, analysis, and interviews with Cleveland media and athletes. Neither host lives in Cleveland, but they wear their passion for the Cavs, Indians, and Browns on their sleeves.

Best Fridays in Football

A weekly show co-hosted by Buddy Martin, Urban Meyer, and Terry Bradshaw. The powerful combo of Urban, Terry and Buddy creates an enlightened conversation by and about people with a common appreciation and passion for football.

Nail in the Coffin

An award-winning Cleveland sports podcast covering the Cavaliers, Browns, Indians, Buckeyes, sports media and pop culture.

Waiting for Next Year

Providing Cleveland sports fans with unique perspectives and insights, news briefs, recaps and previews as well as entertaining pop culture discussions.

New & Noteworthy in 2021

Pretty much everyone is excited to shake off the 2020 dust, masks, election stickers, etc., and we don’t blame them! Here at Evergreen, we’re optimistic about what the new year could bring. 2021 comes with the promise of new podcasts, first-time hosts, and amazing audiences we’ve yet to connect with. Today we wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of the great new content we will be sharing in the new year.

Warriors in Their Own Words

For generations, Americans have answered the call and gone where their country sent them. They’ve done their best to serve with honor, often under unthinkable circumstances. In Warriors in Their Own Words, we’ll dig into the archives to bring you stories from wars that have begun to recede in our collective memory. World Wars I and II, Vietnam, and more. We’ll also bring you brand-new stories, from a new generation of warriors. We’ll hear about places like Iraq and Afghanistan, from the battlefield and behind the scenes. New season in January.

A Red Line in the Sand

From the islands of the South China Sea to Korea's DMZ, the tribes of Arabia across Africa and throughout Europe, red lines have been setting agendas and changing history for centuries. Red Lines in the Sand will jump around the world in 12 chapters examining these boundaries that have changed history, set political agendas, spilled blood and smoothed paths toward peace. Subscribe to hear David Andelman on A Red Line in the Sand starting January 4th.

The Katz Walk

Hollywood fashion expert, VIP personal shopper and commentator Joseph "Joe" Katz brings you in-depth interviews with celebrities and influencers about their style and personal experiences. He also shares the best beauty and lifestyle tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best. Subscribe now to receive the first episode of The Katz Walk on January 14th.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for indulging us in our weird niche obsessions. Thank you for listening to our wild tangents. Thank you for writing reviews. Thank you for sharing our podcasts with your friends and family. Thank you for one amazing year. Here at Evergreen, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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