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Halloween: The Haunting of Franklin Castle

It’s Ohio’s most haunted house… and Producers-turned-Paranormal Investigators, Julie Fink and Brigid Coyne, decide to pack up some audio equipment and capture what lingers within the boarded up castle walls. What starts out as a fun idea for a Halloween podcast, turns into a ghost hunter's worst nightmare. Disclaimer: No Producers were harmed in the making of this podcast.

The Haunted Castle by Brigid Coyne and Julie Fink

Producers, Evergreen Podcasts

Hey, guys, this is Julie Fink, senior producer, and Bridget Coyne, production director for Evergreen Podcast. This episode of Cheer, we'll be celebrating Halloween by telling the story of Cleveland's most haunted house, Franklin Castle. And not only just telling you the story, we are going straight into the belly of the beast. Bridget thought it'd be a good idea to meddle with the paranormal by going to Franklin Castle and taking some audio from it with. I am not looking forward to this.

Well, you're free to go because to me, I ain't afraid of no ghosts. But honestly, who my. I truly dislike haunted houses and basically being forced against my will here, but when in Rome, let's go mess with some ghosts.

Here we go. Halloween treats. Look inside the old Franklin Castle, a rumored site of murderous and haunting called the most haunted house in Ohio.

Of course, we are talking about the historic Franklin County history of ghosts and skeletons, a story that began in the 80s with Hana's Tiedemann, a German immigrant, and his wife, Louise, who built in Ohio City Landmark on Franklin Boulevard, said that the original owner of the house might have murdered family members or stories of bootlegging and Nazi spying and a mass execution and sometimes its footsteps.

Crossing the ballroom on the top floor is somebody talking from another room.

And, you know, you're the only one in the house or somebody running up the stairs and waking you up and say something because you hear them running down the stairs, but you hear a child giggling, likely the girl in white, the ketamine's daughter Emma, who died from diabetes, believed to haunt the home along with the lady in black, her mother who looks out windows.

OK, OK, stop the tape. So let me get this straight. We've got old man Tiedemann murdering his family, a little girl in white, lingering around creepy deceased children giggling, a lady in black and Nazi. Is that the gist?

Essentially, yes, man. All right. So what's the plan? OK, so we're going to pack a zoom recorder microphone, see if we can pick anything up while we're there. You know, see what the girls have to say to us. Oh, OK. You know, it'll be fine, Julie. Whatever.

All I know is I'm bringing my proton pack ecto cooler's holy water squirt gun and my Jesus Christ superstar T-shirt just to be on the safe side.

All right, let's go get some ghosts, OK?

Bridget right here. My God, she's here. Oh.

I just got back to the studio at the office, I can't find Bridget. We were just at Franklin Castle and she disappeared. I hope she's playing a really stupid trick on me, and I thought she was going to be back here, but she's not and I freaking have no idea what's going on. I'm so scared. I have to call the cops. I have to get a hold of somebody. I don't know what's going on is. Let me just play back the tapes really quick, I'm going to see what picked up on those tapes and if I could get a clue or anything and try to figure out what happened to her, she just vanished.

And so. We're approaching Franklin Castle. It's like. Three storey stone Victorian house that definitely looks like a castle and looks like the most uninviting place on the planet. Literally everything about this building is telling me do not come inside, do not enter, but we're going to enter.

Oh, wow. All right, you walk in and there's just like a vibe. Definitely spooky and old and creepy. Oh, OK. What was that? I do not know. Um, OK, come this way. I'm getting really bad feelings from this closet over here. Oh, let's go towards it. Yeah. A good idea. I do not like the. All right, just stick the mic in there and see if there's anything in there.

Is anybody in here? Did you kill anyone? We did not hear any of this. Are we on the other side? Are you wearing these? Greenware. OK, why are you still here? So let's. Get in the middle of the room. Apparently, this is like where this is the living room, this is where a lot of time was spent with the family. But old man Tinman was, you know, a murderous, crazy man who killed all of his children or whatever.

Allegedly. Allegedly.

That's what we're here to find out. OK, so. I have a list of questions. Who is here with us? It's no way. This is insane. And please make yourself known.

Hold on, I'm going to stop this. We when we were in the house, we didn't hear any of this.

I can't. OK, I got to I got to continue.

I got to press play, OK. All right. So, all right. Next question. Are you a tiedemann? Yes.

Are you good or are you evil? Even. What? Is it that you want? Breg. No. Oh, my God. You see the chills, yeah, no. Oh, my God, I don't know what that means, though.

Do you have good intentions?

No. Something just breezed past me. I don't. OK. Last question is what message do you have? That you would like us to know. Don't go in the attic room for. Attic where those girls apparently hung herself. I just realized what that closet was that we thought was so spooky. Yeah, that's definitely where they found. It's pretty much black up here, so don't care for him. I was shocked at how Webb's. Can't see anything, Bridget, where are you?

This is a funny. We're Bridget, honestly, this is so stupid. I do not appreciate this. Please come out. You're not up here, I'm leaving. I can't. Bridget, where are you? Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I can't believe this. There's no way. There's no way. I just heard what I heard that I have to show this footage to somebody. That was all the footage that we took.

We didn't hear anything while we were there.

All that picked up on the audio for me. I don't know what to do with this. I know it is so unreal, there's no way that happened. There's no way that happened. There's no way that she is really gone. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? What is that? I can hear it in my ears. It's not I'm right behind you. Oh, no. Oh. The search for this missing Cleveland podcast producer Bridget Coyne has turned cold after a 10 day citywide investigation comes to a close with no leads, no evidence of abduction and no physical body.

Quoin, 28, has been missing since late Friday night when she left her Lakewood home to meet her fellow producer at the local haunted attraction, Franklin Castle in Ohio City. The two were taping an audio drama about the haunted Franklin Castle for a Halloween production. But the recording turned gruesome as the two entered the house, but only one came out alive.

Investigators have determined Brigitte Coin's disappearance as highly suspicious coin has officially been declared.

A missing person bank has been placed in a mental institution for recovery purposes.

A nightmare turned reality for these two Cleveland producers on Halloween. Our prayers go out to both of their families.


Thank you for listening to cheer. We'd like to acknowledge the Evergreen team for making this podcast possible. You can listen to more of our podcast by subscribing on iTunes, Spotify or your favorite podcast or visit Evergreen podcasts, dotcom from all of us at Evergreen. We wish you a happy and spooky Halloween. I am coming for you.

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