The JFK Assassination

On the sixtieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, former White House correspondent Paul Brandus takes an in-depth look at the seemingly unconnected events that led to that afternoon in Dallas, Texas. He explores the troubled and broken life of Kennedy’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, and challenges six decades worth of conspiracy theories––none of which have been proven.

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Oswald Returns to America, Part 2

| S:1 E:8

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Oswald in New Orleans, Part 2

Countdown to Dallas | S:1 E:12
After his arrest, Oswald — unemployed and relying on benefits from the government he claims to detest — goes on a radio show to brag about himself...
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Oswald in New Orleans, Part 1

Countdown to Dallas | S:1 E:11
Oswald leaves Dallas after getting fired from his job and returns to New Orleans - the city of his birth - looking for a fresh start....
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The Walker Shooting

Countdown to Dallas | S:1 E:10
Oswald carefully plans to assassinate retired U.S. Army General Edwin Walker, whose right-wing policies he despises....
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Oswald's Guns

Countdown to Dallas | S:1 E:9
In the backyard of their shabby Dallas apartment, Lee Harvey Oswald forces his wife to take photos of him with the guns he bought through the mail...
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