The JFK Assassination

On the sixtieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, former White House correspondent Paul Brandus takes an in-depth look at the seemingly unconnected events that led to that afternoon in Dallas, Texas. He explores the troubled and broken life of Kennedy’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, and challenges six decades worth of conspiracy theories––none of which have been proven.

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The Final Week, Part One

| S:1 E:18

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The Aftermath

Countdown to Dallas | S:1 E:22
The series finale....
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The Final Hour

Countdown to Dallas | S:1 E:21
“You can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you,” Nellie Connally, the first lady of Texas, tells the president just moments before shots ring out in Deale...
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November 22, 1963 - The Morning Hours

Countdown to Dallas | S:1 E:20
In his final speech, Kennedy says the world is “dangerous and uncertain” — while Oswald drives into Dallas with a long, heavy-looking package in t...
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The Final Week, Part Two

Countdown to Dallas | S:1 E:19
After learning that President Kennedy would pass right in front of his work place — the Texas School Bool Depository — Lee Harvey Oswald makes a s...
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