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Game Of The Year Predictions & Joe Rogan

We are joined by Jack from The Canned Air Podcast to talk about Star Wars: Squadrons. Not only that but we get into potential candidates for Game of the Year, Joe Rogan's podcast, Xbox Series X leak, and an amazing fact about the Mortal Kombat reboot movie. All that plus so much more, this week on the Game Fix Show.

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BlizzConline, Epic, & DualSense Drift...SMH

Animal Crossing/Mario Crossover, Fortnite/Street Fighter crossover, DualSense Drift, Marvel Avengers, Valheim, and WandaVision
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Halo 3 Finally Gets A New DLC

Celebs in video games, Halo 3 gets new DLC, PS5 Drfit, CD Projekt Red gets attacked, movie news, as well as Wandavision episode 6.
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Overhype & Monkey Games

Are games too overhyped? Prince of Persia, Anthem, Elon Musk, NCAA Football, Diablo 4, and Wandavision
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Gamestop Stonks & Cyberpunk Gets Unsexy

Gamestop stocks, Cyberpunk omits something, Stadia is hanging on by a thread, Switch sales continues to amaze, and episode 4 of Wandavision.
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