You have to grow older, but you don't have to grow up...

We're Generation X'ers who spent our childhood immersed in the music, movies, games, and pop culture of the 70s, 80s, & 90s, and all that stuff shaped who we are today as adults. GenXGrownUp looks at yesterday and today through the eyes of Gen X'ers who refuse to grow up.

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Christmas TV Episodes

TV shows have a long tradition of presenting a “special Christmas episode” around the holidays. For this show we re-watch some of our favorite Christmas-themed episodes to help get you in the spirit!

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Show Notes

Episodes we talked about in the show:

  • Dragnet Season 1 (1953) – The Big Little Jesus
  • Get Dragnet » (affiliate)
  • Taxi Season 1 (1978) – A Full House for Christmas
  • Get Taxi » (affiliate)
  • The Bob Newhart Show Season 4 (1975) – Bob Has To Have His Tonsils Out, So He Spends Christmas Eve In The Hospital
  • Get Bob Newhart » (affiliate)
  • The Jeffersons Season 4 Episode 15 (1977) – 984 W. 124th St., Apt 5C
  • Get The Jeffersons » (affiliate)
  • Night Court Season 1 Episode 2 (1984) – Santa Goes Downtown
  • Get Night Court » (affiliate)
  • Roseanne Season 6 (1988) – White Trash Christmas
  • Get Roseanne » (affiliate)
  • The Office (U.S.) Season 3 (2005) – A Benihana Christmas
  • Get The Office » (affiliate)
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 4 (1993) – ‘Twas The Night Before Christening
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