Celebrate the Great American Songbook

In this show about the jazz standards of the Great American Songbook, one song is explored by jazz musician host, Joe Hunter, and his guest. Four different renditions of the selected song is introduced by the hosts who compare and contrast the merits of each adaptation.

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"Begin the Beguine"

| S:1 E:1

Host: Joe Hunter

Guest: Ernie Krivda

American Standard: “Begin the Beguine” (1938)

Music: Cole Porter

Lyrics: Cole Porter

Featured Performers: Frank Sinatra, Sheryl Crow, Artie Shaw, & Sammy Davis Jr.

Bonus Track: “Down Among the Sheltering Palms”

Performed by: Bing Crosby & Bob Scobey’s Frisco Jazz Band

Podcast Summary: Joe and his guest, Ernie Krivda, listen with you to renditions of "Begin the Beguine" by Frank Sinatra, Sheryl Crow, Artie Shaw, & Sammy Davis Jr. They explore the merits of each - which are many - while Ernie explains what he'd like to hear in just one. Then enjoy a tropical Bonus Tune by Bing Crosby.

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