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Henry Wiles, Kyle Cunningham and Scott Casber

Hosts Tony Wenck and PJ Doran discuss the latest in motocross, electric bikes, and Evel Knievel with guests Henry Wiles, Kyle Cunningham and Scott Casber.

Meet Our Guests!

Henry Wiles:

Henry Wiles is back from racing the Baja 1000. Wiles is one of the greatest TT racers in the history of flat track racing, and his record of winning the Peoria TT 13 times in a row is unmatched. In 2019 he finished 7th overall in the American Flat Track (AFT) Twins.

Twitter @henrywiles4

Instagram: henry_w_wiles

Kyle Cunningham:

Kyle Cunningham will be racing with H.E.P Motorsports Suzuki Team. His team members include Adam Enticknap and Max Anstie. The team will be racing in the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Championship and 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Cunningham was the original member of H.E.P. Motorsports, and will be racing in the 450 class.

Instagram: _kylecunningham

Scott Casber:

Scott Casber co-founded Pit Pass Moto over 15 years ago with host Tony Wenck. He reminisces about past episodes and experiences, and tells us what he really thinks about Evel Knievel and Barbie Benton.

Twitter @ScottCasber

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