The Spin on Original and Sampled Tracks

Hosts, Joe Watson and Toby Brazwell, connect the musical dots between legendary tracks and the often lesser-known songs they sampled. Uncover how these epic songs borrow from music of the past, enriching the musical landscape for generations to come.

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Bring the Noise

| S:1 E:28

You don’t see much genre-mashing these days (sad face) so when metal group Anthrax hooked up with hip hop pioneers, Public Enemy in 1991… history was truly made. Producing a fresh, thrashed-up take on Public Enemy’s 1988 single “Bring The Noise”, the collaboration spawned a hit single, a groundbreaking tour and a sound that would change heavy music. Joe & Toby get into the cross-pollination of rap-rock and the slew of sampling behind this revolutionary track.

What we geek out over in this episode: Public Enemy everything, The Bomb Squad, "It's My Thing" by Marva Whitney, "Funky Drummer" by James Brown, "Get Off Your Ass and Jam" by Funkadelic, George Clinton’s phantom guitar lick, Toby’s all time favorite Bell Biv Devoe aka BBD, Run DMC ft. Aerosmith “Walk This Way” (1986) and a boat load of metal-head grunts, growls and snarls. Rhhhaar!

Bonus Material: Judgment Night soundtrack (1993) and it’s epic collaboration between between hip-hop and rock artists: "Another Body Murdered” by Faith No More and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.; "Real Thing” by Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill; "Me, Myself & My Microphone" by Living Colour and Run DMC; and "Fallin'" by Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul.

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