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This show examines our shared American experience from a variety of perspectives and seeks to tell captivating stories of people, places, and events with a focus on live performance.

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Ohio Heritage Music Project: Journey to Ripley, Many Steps to Freedom

| S:1 E:4

Podcast 4 highlights songs and stories of the Ohio River and the story of the Underground Railroad and the role that the John Rankin House, and the daring abolitionist John Parker played in helping African-Americans flee slavery from Northern Kentucky. The John Rankin House is one of Ohio’s best-documented and most active Underground Railroad “stations”.

Featured performers are alt-country blues singer/songwriter Amythyst Kiah, and the Pedigos, whose style spans folk and bluegrass. Narration and storytelling is provided by Betty Campbell from the John Rankin House, Dewey Scott from the John P. Parker House in Ripley, and Carl Westmoreland from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. A direct-to-disc recording session with Amythyst Kiah was held earlier in the day at the John Rankin House Visitor Center.

This is great stuff . Enjoy and share with a friend.

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