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Ep 284: Employability

| E:284

Since the start of the pandemic, unemployment is rising all over the world at an unprecedented rate. Even if the labour market does bounce back quickly, things are likely to look very different with many industries currently going through an accelerated digital transformation.

So what can be done to address the increasingly urgent issue of employability, how should employers be thinking about talent and are there any lessons that we can learn from the previous economic crisis?

My guest this week is Colin Donnery, Director at Turas Nua, Ireland's leading provider of employability services which has helped over 40,000 people back into the workforce in the last four years.

In the interview, we discuss: :

• How the current crisis is different for jobs than previous recessions

• The impact of AI and automation on labour markets

• The disproportionate effect on young people

• Tools and techniques to get people back to work

• Skills for the new economy

• Digitising advocacy and guidance and the importance of human interventions

• How employers need to change their thinking to access valuable pools of talent

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